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Environmentally conscious households looking to become more energy efficient turn to us as a leading resource for Solar installers. Solar Guide is the smarter way to source free, no - obligation, quotes from local solar PV installers.

The smarter way to find installers

We match your requirements with pre-screened and consumer rated companies to ensure you are only contacted by professional organisations that are registered and approved by relevant bodies. We work with large nationals as well as small medium enterprises to provide you with the best quote.

Tell us how we can help

Complete the online form or give us a call and we'll be in touch to confirm your details and make sure we have all the information that we need.

Receive your quotes

Once we have confirmed your requirements we will pass your enquiry to three reputable local solar installers who will make contact with you, normally within a few hours.

You choose your preferred quote

Once you've had your quotes all you need to do is to choose the best one for you. The entire process is free of charge and there is no obligation to accept any quotes.


How do we make money?

How we work

When viewing reviews of solar companies or specific solar equipment on our site you may decide you want to request a quote.
Approximately 2% of our site visitors make this decision and when they do we earn a small fixed fee from the solar company you request a quote from. This fee is the same regardless of which solar companies you request a quote from in your area.
For the other 98% of our site visitors, we are just a very high-quality consumer education website providing content and calculators for free to evaluate the potential of solar panels for your home.

Over 3,000 companies trust Solar Choice

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